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Join us on this very special trip as we examine the “Disciple-Making Life of Christ”.  We will see the Bible unfold right before our eyes with the back-drop of spectacular sites. We will follow the steps of Jesus and observe his disciple-making model and method that changes our lives and the world around us. We will also see the depths of history in each location which will give us a better grasp of our Bibles. Our Israeli tour guide will provide rich historical context with captivating stories of biblical and modern history.



Tour Leaders

Mack Roller

Senior Pastor, Glen Meadows Baptist Church

Making Disciples is the command in the great commission (Mt. 28:18-20) and making disciples is the focus of Glen Meadows. Studying the methods and models of the way Jesus made disciples is life changing. Jesus makes powerful promises to those who follow him, therefore, learning to follow Jesus is paramount. I cannot think of a greater environment to study discipleship than literally walking where Jesus walked.

Jamin Roller

Lead Pastor at Citizens Church in Plano Tx.

Jamin’s passion is to see people shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jamin’s teaching in Israel will be challenging to the heart and uplifting to our souls as we experience the Gospel message in the very location where Jesus first demonstrated it.

Michale Bleeker

Michael has been leading worship for over 20 years and currently serves as worship pastor at Citizens Church in Plano Tx.

Adam Griffin

Lead Pastor of Eastside Community Church 

Adam has been a NextGen Minister, a Student Minister, a public school teacher, a Young Life leader, an itinerant speaker, and an Elder, Spiritual Formation Pastor, and member of the Executive Team at The Village Church. I completed my Masters in Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Certificate of Youth and Family Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary, and finished a Doctorate of Educational Ministry in Executive Leadership at Southern Seminary in 2018. Among other things, I am passionate about family discipleship, the sanctity of human life, racial harmony, and ministering to refugees.