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Frequently Asked Questions

Any additional reading?

Please read the following:

Even though we will be studying the disciple life of Christ we will visit and discuss many OT sites. You will want to be familiar with as much of the Old Testament as possible paying attention to the History of Israel.

"Harmony of the Gospels"

"Knowing Him" (Sonlife.com) Free download ebook

How much luggage can I bring ?

International airlines normally limit passengers to 1 suitcase to be checked and 1 carryon bag, in addition to a purse, laptop, or camera bag. This limitation makes it easy for us to keep track of your luggage as we load and unload it at all our hotels. One checked suitcase per person please! Mark your suitcase and carryon bags so you can recognize them clearly in a pile of 36 suitcases . Do not pack cameras, medication, or other valuables in your suitcase…pack them in your carryon. Some have suggested to bring along a small combination lock for your suitcase so you can lock it when we leave the hotel room for the day. If you lock you suitcase when you check it with the airlines be aware they may cut your lock to look in your suitcase.

What should I wear?

Since you are allowed 1 “checked” suitcase on the trip, pack carefully. Don’t over pack...leave some room for souvenirs. You are also allowed one carryon. Our tour to Israel is very informal. You will need no dress clothes at all. Plan to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Choose easy care fabrics and colors that resist showing dirt. Think layers…it will get cool in the North in the evenings and will be hot in the Southern region. Temps will be between 50-80 Fahrenheit each day. Check the weather in Jerusalem right before you depart…it will be coolest there. Make sure you bring a light spring jacket, a sweater, or a hoodie. Having comfortable shoes is a MUST. Some of the sights will require a lot of walking, often over uneven terrain and on smooth, slippery stones. I wear tennis shoes. Shorts to the knee are acceptable. I will be living in shorts and tee shirts, with a couple of polo/golf shirts sprinkled in. I’ll have jeans along for cool evenings. I’ll also have a pair of light weight pants along for when I need my legs covered in certain churches. Here are some specifics:

Modesty clothing- there are certain holy sites where our knees and shoulders must be covered. Each night we will tell you if you need modesty clothing any time the next day. You can either dress modestly for the whole day…or have modesty clothes on the bus you can quickly get into. Modesty for women should include pants or a wraparound skirt (below the knee), no skinny jeans. Wear shirts that covers the shoulders and elbows and a hat or scarf for the head. Modesty for men should include long pants, a shirt that covers the shoulders, and a hat. Some days will be warm and we might only have one modesty stop for an hour as part of a whole day…so you will want something to quickly slip into on the bus so you can wear shorts the rest of a hot day.

You should have closed toe shoes for some of the journeys we take. Sandals are fine or Crocs are fine the rest of the time.

What should I pack?
  1. Wet wipes or hand gel to keep your hands clean.
  2. Washcloth if you use one at home - most hotels in Israel don’t provide them.
  3. Small packages of Kleenex - some bathrooms in the field don’t have TP.
  4. Personal toiletries - the hotel won’t have much more than a small bar of soap.
  5. Hairdryer - the hotel won’t always have one. If you bring your own it will need to be a dual voltage hairdryer, since Israel runs on 220 volts.
  6. Sunglasses - we will be outside in the sun a lot.
  7. Hat - a necessity for the sun and wind. A broad brimmed hat protects your neck is best.
  8. Prepackaged snacks from home- to keep your energy up when out on tour. Bring mainly high protein snacks—nuts, trail mix, beef jerky, peanut butter & crackers. You can buy snacks in Israel, but your selection will be limited. I always throw 10 small packs in my suitcase.
  9. Refillable water bottle (although bottled water will be available on the bus).
  10. Day pack – We will provide a daypack for you which you should receive soon with your tour book. Each day we will leave the hotel no later than 8 a.m. and return in time for dinner. You will want a smaller knap sack/back pack to carry your stuff during the day. Many times you will leave this back pack on the bus while we get off and tour a site. Sometimes you will carry the back pack with you when we leave the bus for 3 hours at a time. This back pack will hold your water, camera, snacks, Bible, tour notebook, modesty kit etc… You need something that isn’t huge, but that you can cram a lot of stuff into, and carry with you for a few hours.
  11. Bible
  12. Small flashlight - for caves, tunnels, and hotel power loss (not likely).
  13. Camera - with memory card(s), extra batteries or battery charger.
  14. Laptop - do you really need to bring yours? This is an individual question. If you can get along without it, leave it at home. It is one less thing to lug along and worry about keeping secure.
  15. Pens - bring 2 for writing notes in tour notebook.
  16. Snack size Ziploc bags - good for storing money so it doesn’t get wet, sweaty…or for snacks.
  17. Sandwich size Ziploc bags- for when you want to grab a roll or hardboiled egg from breakfast.
  18. Medicines/Personal Care - no shots or vaccinations are required to visit Israel. If you are coming from a Yellow fever area, you might need a certificate with you. Here are health items you will want along:
    a. Any prescription medication you need (pack in your carry-on, not your suitcase).
    b. Ibuprofen - for aches and pains of hiking and sun.
    c. Pepto Bismol or Imodium for upset stomach and diarrhea (just in case).
    d. Sleeping aids if needed.
    e. Dramamine if you are subject to motion sickness (we will spend a lot of time on buses).
    f. Cold or allergy tablets - it will be spring time and we will be in windy, dusty conditions at times.
    g. Sunscreen and lip screen - to protect you from sunburn.
    h. Earplugs - in case your roommate snores. It also helps when sleeping on the plane.
  19. Jewelry - As with all overseas trips; leave your expensive jewelry at home.
What about Electric Appliances?

Israel uses 220 volt AC. If your appliance is for 110 volt, you will also need a converter or transformer. If you plug your 110v appliance into 220v it will work at twice the speed for a few seconds and then never work again. It will burn up. Once you have converted the electricity you still need to be able to plug the appliance into the socket. Go on-line and look at the adaptor plugs used in Israel to see what you need for your appliance (search “electrical adapters for Israel”). Most outlets accept the 2 prong small round adapter. Most cell phones, cameras, and laptops work at both 110v and 220v so all you need is the adaptor for Israel to fit your plug. For those in San Angelo, “Happy Trails” and “Academy” have nice adapters and transformers among other things you might want to bring along. Most importantly, pack light.

What is the currency in Israel?

Israel uses the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). Each shekel is divided into 100 Agorot, which are like pennies or centavos. Coins come in 1NIS, 2NIS, 5NIS, and 10NIS. Bills come in 20NIS, 50NIS, 100NIS, and 200NIS. Many stores accept US dollars, so make sure you know whether any prices you are being quoted are in dollars or shekels. You are expected to barter in the shops in the Old City. Prices are generally fixed outside the Old City. MasterCard and Visa are usually accepted for larger purchases (Amex and Discover are not as readily accepted). I wouldn’t give my credit card to most shops in the Old City…use cash only. ATM machines are available in the Old City, but I would only use one in the Jewish quarter (ATMs distribute shekels only). ATMs recognize your card as being issued from a bank in an English speaking country so instructions should display in English. We will be briefed on ATMs when we arrive in Tel Aviv.

Pickpockets are at work in the Old City. Consider the use of a money belt worn under your clothing or zippered pockets. Guard your passport, money, and other valuables very carefully.

How much money should I bring?

This is an individual question. Our tour includes all lodging, all breakfasts and dinners, all entry fees, all transportation, and all guiding. If you want bottled water, soft drinks, etc. at meals you will need to pay for them. You will need to purchase your own lunches. You will also be buying beverages and snacks as we stop during the day. You might also want the hotel to do some laundry for you. Laundry prices are much less than in US hotels. And you will want some money for souvenirs. Try to have some 1 dollar USD bills with you for all the drinks etc… You can also pay in shekels.

When should I pay for the tour?

A deposit is due immediately to secure a seat. Go to registration and fill out the registration form. You will receive an invoice through email within 5 days.

A total of $2,000 is due by Nov. 1, 2019 ($1,500 is non-refundable after November 15 but is completely transferable).

The final deadline for the remaining balance is January 10, 2020.
No funds can be refunded or transferred after February 24, 2020.

How do I pay?

Please send check or money order to:

419 Tours
2055 Country Club Est. Cir.
San Angelo TX. 76904

Deposits can be paid by credit or debit card. You will be sent an invoice after you register where you can make your deposit through PayPal.